Friday, January 16, 2009

My Suzy Homemaker Week

A couple of weeks ago, I was looking at a homeschooling website where specific types of notebooks are used for each subject. To make those notebooks cuter, this mom had created a padded journal. She used regular composition notebooks. When I showed the cute idea to my "paper queen", Anne Marie, she loved it. Anne Marie is obsessed with all sorts of paper. She loves notebooks, journals, folders, brochures, business cards, etc. She is constantly playing school with her papers. Anyway, she was all for it when I offered to make her a padded journal. I even offered to make one for her best church friend for them to use as "club" notebooks. Anne Marie loves to have clubs almost as much as she loves paper. So this is how it turned out. Rather than use the composition book in which the paper would be used up quickly, I chose a 3 ring notebook that could be refilled. I hot glued stuffing to the top and bottom. Then laid the book on top of the fabric, glued it down, and trimmed with ribbin. Very easy and Anne Marie was very happy with the results.

My next Suzy homemaker activity was making chocolate pies for Steve's birthday. I was working at school that day, so I did take a short cut on the crust. Not a good idea. It wasn't nearly as good as from scratch. Anyway, the chocolate pudding was from scratch (my sister's recipe) and the meringue from the Betty Crocker cookbook recipe. It tasted good and looked very pretty. After these pictures were taken, I went to work. When I returned home, the meringue had pulled away from the crust a little, so it didn't look as pretty. Anyway, I was happy with my efforts.

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